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Don’t mind me and lowestexpectation, we are just utter trash turning our MH ladies into ocs over here. Add Mawnder Hoomper to the list of things Gem makes stupid comics about B)


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Capcom has heard the complaints about the recently revealed MH4U box art. Yuri has given us this new box art featuring Yian Kut-Ku which will be the new official box art for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

…Alright, I lied. It’s a really well done edit by one of my buddies at Tico Hunters Unite.


Monster Hunter Frontier G5

Garuba Daora and Inagami Icons


Crimson Fatalis

Extremely aggressive and violent, even by Fatalis standards. Crimson Fatalis’ rage is nearly everlasting. The dragons natural element of lava and its extreme rage go hand in hand. It will kill anything in its path without a second thought.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

I saw Siliconera post about Heavy Bowguns having “something cool” but they failed to actually say what it was, so I figured I’d do a post about it.

Heavy Bowguns can now preload WyvernFire Shot, then load another ammo type and use the WyvernFire whenever they want.

We still need to get an official quality render of Tidal Najarala on the Wiki. The one we have posted (which is the one everyone has been using lately) is just an edited version of a picture of the SDCC presentation. XD

It’s not too bad quality xD I wasn’t sure if anyone had taken the time to make a transparent version when I clicked on Tidal’s page on the Wiki, lol.

Perhaps I’ll update my Twitter header when a proper render comes out eh? ;P


My snake bby deserved some love ~

We don’t even have the game yet but I think Tidal Najarala has just become my new favourite monster…

Also, I’m curious. Is the J silent or more like a hard G? I’ve been pronouncing it “nah-yah-rala”, lol.


It occurs to me that we’ve basically been looking at the MH4U box art since E3. Just take a look at the Gore Magala statue and backdrop they used for posed pictures. Very sneaky, Capcom.