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Monster Hunter - Favorites

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Top 3 Monsters: Nargacuga, Amatsumagatsuchi, and Agnaktor ~

Favorite Weapon Type/Weapon: Long Sword. As for favourite weapon, this is rather tough, but I am quite fond of Rising Soul.

Favorite Armor Set: Female Zinogre X Blademaster

Favorite Area: Misty Peaks

I tag… amatsumagatsuchi, kogath and sharpnessplusone

Only if you want to do this, of course. ^^


Rathalos and Rathian soon-to-be acrylic charms for my Monhun fanbook’s bonus purchase! More info coming soon :3c


You cannot grasp its true form.


- 「モンスターハンター メゼポルタ開拓記」の「狩猟」と「開拓」に関する新た -

New illustrations from the Monster Hunter - Mezeporuta series. Lance, longsword, gunlance & bow.

Images from 4gamer


A painting of a Zinogre! The wonderful lineart was done by my dear friend and I just had to paint it so
thank you again so much! ;v;


- シャガルマガラ // Shagaru Magara // キヨ -

** Permission was granted by the artist to share this image.


i imagine this to happen every time i call for air


- ゴマちゃん // Gore-chan // -

** Permission was granted by the artist to share this image.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Zamtrios Subspecies, the “Tiger Shark”